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Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Students, Community, and Online Visitors,


As principal at Esteban “Steve” Salinas Jr. Elementary Fine Arts Academy, I am eager to share good news about the upcoming school year.  Although it is true that the 2022 - 2023 school year will be a challenging one with many changes and differences to the way we are accustomed to start the new school year; it will also be a year of great transformations for our campus.  The way we deliver instruction, the way we learn, and how we support our stakeholders will be different, but will not waiver in quality. I can assure you that our teachers are eager and have been preparing diligently for this new school year.  Our commitment to your children, our students, has been the driving force in preparation for this new endeavor and will help make our great campus even better!


We are committed to continuing our work as a Fine Arts Academy and will continue to integrate Fine Arts activities in our everyday instruction.  This fall, our curriculum will be injected with a little more drama, music, dance, and other aspects of the Fine Arts. We are excited about this because we will continue providing rigorous learning opportunities that will ensure the best college and career readiness preparation, but with more opportunities for students to explore their creative sides.


As always, you can depend on us to provide the best quality instruction possible for all children enrolled at our great campus; and we look forward to working with our students and their families.


Thank you for visiting our campus webpage!



Sandra Rodriguez Principal

Esteban “Steve” Salinas Jr. Elementary Fine Arts Academy

Mission Consolidated Independent School District